Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New CID Make-Up Products Haul Review

I have just recently discovered new CID products, and had a bit of a naughty moment and purchased a few products :P
After trying them out I was very pleasantly surprised! Having not heard of new CID before, I had seen the light-up lip gloss in a magazine a while ago and thought it seemed a good idea. When I saw it on QVC Shopping Channel I thought I would purchase a selection of products and see what they were like (for reviewing purposes of course… :D)

Light-Up Blusher & Highlighter Compact

As you can see by the pictures I have used this blusher quite a bit already, and that’s for a good reason. The blusher is a rose/pink colour with a touch of gold shimmer through it and is really flattering on my yellow toned skin; I can imagine it would be on most skin tones. The highlighter gives a lovely glow to the skin and isn’t glittery at all. They are both super pigmented and have to be applied with a light hand to avoid coco-the-clown face as I realised the first time I used it haha!
The Light-Up compact is a good concept, but I personally haven’t found a time to use it yet even though it is a permanent handbag fixture now.

The Eye Shadow Quad consists of four shimmer eye-shadows. One pearly pink, one taupe packed with silver shimmer, and two plum purples, however one is packed with gold/bronze shimmer, and the other has some purple/pink shimmer through it. They all apply really well and are almost creamy; in fact, they have a similar texture to sleek eye shadows. These are also super pigmented and you only need to pick up a small amount on the brush. I would suggest using an eye shadow primer before using them because I found it made the colours really intense and would not budge from applying in the morning until removing at night, and even then it looked like it had just been applied.  They all work together really well and in particular if used all together they create a smouldering smoky eye. Here are some swatches below:


This long- wear gel eyeliner trio consists of Emerald, Indigo and Midnight Blue. I found that they all stayed on all day and into the evening. They were easy to apply with the brush provided and I could achieve different thicknesses of lines and winged out lines easily. It’s a little bit fiddly if you’re in a rush, but if you have time to perfect it then you’re fine and dandy : ) Personally, Indigo (the purple one) is my favourite, and works best with my green eyes, but I do like to match a neutral eye and Midnight Blue eye liner with a red lip (but it would really suit blue or brown eyes). The Emerald would suit hazel eyes with a pale pink contrasting lip or a vampy plum colour. Here are some swatches:


This mascara is meant to lenghten and separate lashes and I found it did lenghten and seperate them but it didn't really volumise them much. It did lengthen my lashes and it did provide the 'dolly' lash look after a few coats which I love, but I do prefer the volumised and thick lash look on myself. The brush is medium sized and grabs small lashes really well, especially the bottom ones, but if you love long length mascaras then I would reccomend it highly.


This gloss is in the shade Raspberry Kiss. It's a berry pink gloss with purple/blue shimmer shot through it, which I have noticed is very whitening for your teeth aswell as being an all round flattering colour on every skin tone. I found that if used alone it gives a lovely sheer colour to the lips and can go with a multitude of make-up looks, but also gives berry and red lipsticks extra dimension too. Again the LED light in the applicator is a good concept but I haven't found a time to use it yet, but there is a mirror on the side of the tube that is handy when applying. Here is a swatch of the gloss:

Lip Gloss Collection

These shimmer lip glosses have a non-sticky formula and have a great selection of colours that can suit everyone. They are all sheer and provide a wash of colour rather than concentrated rich colour.

The shades are (from far left):
Starlight - a glittery clear gloss perfect on it's own or can liven up any lipstick.
Candyfloss - a barbie pink with silver and pink glitter through it, a shade that can go with most looks, but I have found it compliments pastels like aqua or turquoise eyeshadows.
Coconut Ice - a nude shimmer that would be perfect with a smoky eye or 60's look.
Spice Berry - a sheer, subtle berry shade perfect for anyone who wants to start experimenting with lip colours.
Honey Pot - a two toned pink/amber-gold (and also my favourite) that perks up my complexion when I'm having an off day :)
Tickled Pink - a peachy pink that will suit any skin tone.

I also love the white packaging of the products, it looks sleek and sophisticated. I was scared at first they might start to look grubby if they are kept in my make-up bag but so far they still look fairly new, I think the type of finish is resistant to getting dirty if that makes sense? :) I will show a look using the products all together (and they all work well together too) and they all work well with the other products in my beauty regime. I have also seen they have a product called i-glow which is a mineralised skin finish that looks gorgeous and that is definitely next on my shopping list, I can't wait to try it! Has anyone else tried any new CID products at all, especially the i-glow, I would love to know your opinions before I purchase please? :)

Star x

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