Sunday, 22 April 2012

First Impressions - Avon Nailwear Pro+ Enamel and Shop Hop

I put my name down for a Shop Hop on BlogLoveTherapy this week which required us to buy a product/s and write a post about it. I have recently purchased quite a few of Avon's brand spankers new Nailwear Pro+ nail enamels so I thought I would do a first impressions post of what I think of their application. They are supposed to be a gel-like formula that lasts longer than the average nail polish, and I can't wait to find out if that's the case! Being an Avon rep doesn't help my cosmetics compulsion and I cannot help myself with their products, and because they are soo cheap I always think 'what have I got to lose?' :) Here's a few of them I used for a pastel and metallic manicure:

Colours from left to right: Sea Breeze, Lemon Sugar, Starry Night, Vintage Blue and Pastel Pink
(Actually I cheated I already owned Vintage Blue and I love it already, but it fit in so well for how I wanted to paint my nails)

How gorgeous are these colours?! I love pastels in spring/summer and Starry Night is a stunning metallic shimmery silver, I am in love. I couldn't wait to wear each one so I thought I would wear them all at the same time, impatient, me!

Excuse my shaky application, I've a bit too much caffeine today :S

My trusty Leighton Denny One For All used as a basecoat and top coat

I put Starry Night in there to punch up the pastels and make it a bit more interesting, I know I'm gushing but Starry night is such a beautiful colour, and a dream to apply too. I always find that shimmers are always easier to apply and this one is no exception. I also find these pastels easy to apply, and it only took two coats to acheive an opaque finish. I love all of these colours and I am really happy with them all post-application. As for the long-wearing chip resistant finish I will have to see how they last on me, (a clumsy person who seems determined to knock my nails on everything) I will review them soon when I have put them through their paces. First impressions? Love the colour and application, and I have high hopes for how they last. For £6.00 at full price, these are a steal in my opinion - and if they live up to their gel-like formula claims then I think they could rival higher end nail enamels at a high street price.

Star x


  1. I can't get enough of pastels! This is so pretty :] I found your blog through the blog hop!

    Kirstie xox

  2. hey girlie! found you on blog hop!
    love your blog!
    newest follower/bloggy friend!

    say hi back sometime?!

  3. great review !
    i absolutely in love with pastel colors:) expecially for nail polishes

  4. Love these colors!!
    Just found your blog and now following!!! I will make sure I check out your sponsors and adds from time to time!! <3 Sending my luv your way!!

  5. I love the pastel colors. Love the pink and blue especially. Thanks for sharing.

    I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. You can check the award on my blog-

    Congrats =)

    1. Thank-you sooo much for my award :) It won't let me leave a comment on your page so don't think I've ignored it! I will be doing my post soon! :) x

  6. love all the colours especially the starry night one! i think thats my favourite too! x

    1. It's so pretty isn't it :) will be checking out your blog x