Monday, 7 May 2012

My 21st Birthday Weekend in Pictures!

So it was my birthday yesterday (Sunday 6th) and I have been celebrating all weekend so I thought I would share some pictures with you :)

Me and my best friend Jodie out on the Friday being rather drunken in a taxi :D

Me and my fiance Warren on our way to the Trafford centre on Saturday for a meal

A strawberry daiquiri - yummiest cocktail EVER!

Tasty burger with tempura prawns - delicious!

A very tangy key lime pie

A cake my lovely friend Emma surprised me with on my birthday (actually made by her mum I discovered :D )

Me opening my favourite present from my mummy :) (if you can see what it is! :D ) Birthday haul coming soon!

My hilarious birthday cake put together my my brother haha
Chocolate, Red Velvet and Chocolate Ice-Cream cake with magic stars and white chocolate buttons!
The most random cake ever! Love it haha ..
 I only just noticed this one while checking through the pictures on my camera, thanks fiance!

As you can see I was exhausted by the end of Sunday and have finally had a calm lazy day today (Monday)  to get my energy back haha :) I had a lovely birthday and I am soo happy that I could extend my birthday ALL weekend, shopping for an outfit and going out on the Friday, a yummy meal on Saturday and spending time with family on Sunday! And it was just to top it all off that it was my birthday, it's one to beat!

How did everyone else spend their bank holiday weekend?
Star x


  1. Happy belated 21st Birthday - what an amazing cake. Clarasonics are the BOMB, look forward to your review.

    New follower from bloghop :)

    1. Thank-you! The cake was soo yummy even if a odd combo lol! I am soo excited about the clarisonic I know I'm going to love it :) x

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like a super fun weekend! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

    1. Thank-you! It really was so much fun :D x