Sunday, 25 March 2012

Alpha-H 4 Piece Daily Skin Care Essentials Review

I was recommended the Alpha-H Skincare range by my mum, who has the same skin type as me. She’d been using it for a long time but I’d been put off by the price tag of the full sized products, but when I saw this trial size set I thought it would be a great opportunity to try a few of the products. I purchased the kit from QVC uk here and I have been using the products for about 2 months now . . . and I love them! The kit is for every skin type, and I thought it would be a good place to start with the range, as they also have products for more problematic skin, but I thought i'd see if the products for all skin types would sort it out first.

           It includes:

Balancing Cleanser 50ml

       Gentle Daily Exfoliant 12g

 Micro Cleanse 50ml

       Rejuvenating Cream 50ml

The instructions say that every morning I should use the balancing cleanser mixed with the gentle daily exfoliator on wet hands to make a paste and cleanse on a wet face, and then wipe off with a damp cloth. BUT twice a week I should use the micro cleanse instead (I use it on wednesdays and sundays). After cleansing, the instructions say to use the rejuvinating cream to moisturise.

This cleanser is so creamy and gentle on the skin, especially on the eye area. When cleansers say that they remove all make-up AND cleanse the skin, I am always a bit sceptical, but the first time I used it on a full face of make-up, it removed it all (without stinging my eyes at all) and thoroughly cleaned my face, although I did have to use quite a bit to remove all mascara, eyeliner etc. So because I wanted it to last more than a couple of weeks I made sure I had wiped most of the make-up off of my face first so I didn't have to use as much. When I first used it I really noticed a difference in how much less oily my skin seemed to get during the day, but now I think my skin has desensitised to it because I have been using it every day. My skin has improved but I do still have the dreaded 3pm shine :( But a massive plus is that my skin tone has improved and I have less redness than I used to, due to the gentle non-irritant formula.

This powder exfoliant is amazing, even if a bit fiddly if you're in a rush in the morning, is something I have never seen before. But now I have, this will be a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. This type of exfoliant is new to me, and because you can vary the amount of the finely milled powder used, you can customise it to have a different amount of exfoliation depending on what your skin needs. Because I mixed the the exfoliant with the balancing cleanser it made a paste that really cleared my pores and my skin feels a lot smoother. I would say the only negative is that you are supposed to scoop a teaspoon amount into wet hands, so I don't know if it's just me but I always manage to get some in the pot (it supposed to stay dry) and now I'm near the bottom of the pot, the powder has started to turn cement looking the more I accidently get water in it. :/ That is the one and only teenie tiny criticism.

This bi-weekly scrub has larger granules than the gentle daily exfoliant and gives a deep clean. It has a mild peppermint fragrance that isn't overpowering so it smells lovely and fresh. The content of Glycolic acid is 12% and as far as I am aware it is one of the higher percentages that products can contain over the counter. (The rejuvinating cream also contains 10%) It is supposed to refine skin cells and leave new, fresh skin underneath. I found that the micro cleanse did leave my skin feeling clean and fresh, personally I prefer a higher amount of granules to really scrub away any dead skin cells and leave my skin smooth, but it did do a great job on my awkward, sometimes bumpy skin.

Even though this cream is for mature skin and contains anti-aging properties, (which I'm sure it does very well) I can't really give an opinion on the effects because I dont have any wrinkles, and I should think not, I'm nearly 21! ha ha . . but what I can say that it made my skin feel very smooth and is a good base for make-up but I still like to put on a primer to make sure it stays put. It is a very rich moisturiser so I only use a small amount if I do use it in the morning, but I would rather use it as a night cream so I don't have to worry about putting make-up on top and clogging my pores. I am going to start using it as a night cream and I will let you know how it goes.

For a newcomer to Alpha-H skincare I would really recommend this set. Or if you have a normal, combination or dry skin type I would recommend all of these products. I will definately be repurchasing the Gentle Daily Exfoliator and Micro Cleanse (and if the rejuvinating cream makes a good night cream that too). It is a great set for improving the texture of my skin and maintaining it but it isn't (for want of a better word) aggresive enough to prevent and get rid of spots/blemishes. So I have just bought another 4 piece set from Alpha-H called Poreless Skin Perfectors. This set is for over-active, oily and acne prone skin and I'm hoping that it will tackle the problems that I have with my skin, rather than maintaining it as it is at the moment. Watch out for a review in a couple months :)

Star x

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