Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm back! + NOTD

Hello Everyone!
And the question is: Where have I been?!
Well I have been a busy little bee at work at the moment and to be honest a little bit because I have been lacking inspiration lately. :/ I have plenty of ideas but I just feel that my camera isn't up to scratch anymore, compared to the quality pictures I see on all the blogs out there. But due to not having a money tree in my back garden, this old thing will have to do. I apologize if my pictures are a teensy bit blurry, not quite as in focus as they should be and the lighting isn't quite right but it will have to be good enough for now. :)
So I thought I would do a nice NOTD (but will hopefully remain "un-chipped" on for longer than a day) post for you to kickstart my blogging mojo again!

Left to Right: Special FX Black Nail Art Pen/Striper (I don't know if these are still available as it was part of a set I received for Christmas when I was about 11 or 12 haha -  it's still serving me well!), AVON nailwear pro+ in Vintage Boutique, Leighton Denny One for All and AVON  nail experts revitacool base coat.

How I did it:
1. Apply 1 coat of the revitacool base coat
2. Then apply 2 coats of Vintage Boutique
3. Use the black striper to paint a cross on both ring fingers and thumbs
4. Take one nail art gem with the foam applicator tool and place at the centre of the cross
5. Wait until fully dry, (because impatient me ended up smudging one of the crosses by not waiting long enough) and then apply 1 coat of the Leighton Denny One for All to finish

And that's it! I need to start utilising my HUGE nail polish collection, does anyone else find that although you have every colour in the rainbow in your collection that you always use the same ones all the time! I think I might have to set myself a challenge to make sure I use a different colour everytime I paint my nails until I have used every colour at least once!

I will be back very soon with more posts (I promise!) and any requests for posts would be most welcome :)

Star x


  1. I love this, need to get some little gems and have a go myself :) x

    1. Thank-you :) I know the gems are so cute! Cheap too :) got them in a pack of all different colours and shapes including tools + topcoat in a pound shop, bargain! Lol x

  2. I really like your nails!!
    I found you through the blog hop :)